An all-female family history

On April 6th 2020 the Fenix Hotel celebrated its 60th anniversary. We are very proud to be hoteliers by tradition. We aren’t a historically important hotel but we are a hotel with a history: our grandparents, after having opened and run a hotel and restaurant near Via Cavour from 1920 to 1960, decided to move to this elegant neighbourhood and open the first hotel in the area.


Towards the end of the 1950’s, Francesca and Marialina eventually found the building they were looking for. It belonged to the Canadian Monks and had been the studio of a German painter before the war. They commissioned an architect, Mr Benni, to carry out the re-styling that was to give the building its more modern look, more in line with the trend at that time. The Hotel soon became a point of reference for local companies, embassies and care facilities. In 1972 it was decided to enlarge the Hotel and so the second wing was built. This wing was designed by the Architect Lorenzo Monardo, who was one of the first architects in Rome to design a building with a visible reinforced concrete structure.

During the building works, some paintings of allegoric scenes were found, that were probably the work of the German painter. They are now hung in the lounges and communal areas of the Hotel.

The Hotel has always been taken care of by the female members of the family. Today, Isabella and Francesca run the Hotel with the help of Anna and Alessia, the third generation of hoteliers.