Meeting - Events - Celebrations

Nini is the name of the Fenix Hotel restaurant where we hold our events. This name is a tradition in our family, as is the type of cuisine that we offer our clients.

We like the idea of continuing a tradition of simple cooking using quality, seasonal ingredients. Our desserts are home-made and we take pride in carefully choosing the dishes that go on our menu, with the invaluable help of our chefs.

For the organization of events (such as christenings, communions, graduation parties, business dinners etc.) we have a team of experts that are all based locally in the Trieste neighbourhood. For the flower arrangements, we rely on the unique skills of Henry di Dordas 2 Flower and Giulia di Bambusa, who always succeed in making our garden and interiors look especially elegant and colourful. For bespoke designed cakes we call on the very talented Rosaria Garzione, who produces the most spectacular creations which are truly delicious. For those who prefer a more classic cake, we work with Natalizzi and Romoli, the best traditional cake-shops in the neighbourhood.

Regarding decorations, we have our favourites and, in particular, we like to work with Manuela from Parioli Party, who always finds something original to ensure that our clients’ events are exceptional.

The entire restaurant is booked for the event and during the warmer season it is also possible to organise the event outside in our garden where we can seat up to 50 people, while the restaurant itself can accommodate up to 60.

Celebrate at Nini

Our Roman and Mediterranean influenced menu offers an eclectic mix of appetising typical dishes, revisited by our expert culinary team. The parquet flooring, white wood furniture and the refined atmosphere of the restaurant will make your stay especially relaxing and comfortable. Our selection of wines and beverages are personally chosen by us.